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Reading the tarot

A tarot deck comprises of 22 major Arcana cards, and 56 minor Arcana cards. The minor Arcana then split into four suits. These include court cards for each suit as well as numbered cards from 1 to 10.

The court cards are generally but not exclusively, King, Queen, Knight, and Page. Decks do vary but these are basically what they are formed around.

The numbered cards in each suit are from the Ace through to card number 10.

The four suits of the tarot are generally, but again not exclusively, Wands, cups, swords, pentacles. These are then broken down once again into representing an element.

Wands equals the element of Fire

Cups equals the element of Water

Swords equals the element of Air

Pentacles equals the element of Earth

There has long been a superstition that it is unlucky to buy tarot cards for yourself. But this is not true! If you do not get the chance to look at the decks and choose which one you would like how are you going to know that you can relate to the images and be happy with them? There is such a huge selection on the market these days, and often on the Internet you get to see the new decks that are either just about to be released or have just been released. There is some thing for everyone, from traditional decks to fantasy art decks, decks that are very modern like the Faulkner tarot, which are excellent, and ones with more childlike images, fairies and the like. You really need to choose something that you can relate to and understand easily. At a later date you can always move on to something that is more steeped with traditional imagery.

The cards generally come with a small white book, these give you an outline of the meanings of the cards but are often the interpretation of the artist. The more traditional ones will show you more about the symbols within the cards, and sometimes the meanings are less flexible. The best way to deal with your cards is to just get to know them, handle them, and then say what you see. My preferred method of reading is the intuitive one rather than the rigid outlines that some books can give. And if you lay them out and practice on yourself to start with you can quite often read them like a story and this is where you will find you build up your own meanings and interpretations.

My Psychic Work

My psychic work.....

I work using my psychic ability and if you prefer the tarot cards too, to bring you an accurate and sensitive psychic reading.I also tune in with your spirit guides and the angelic beings around you. I am also a psychic relationship specialist.

My readings start at just £14 and they are usually completed within 3-4 days.

Same day readings can be booked Click HERE

24 Hr Reading

24-hour speedy psychic readings! This psychic reading will be with you in 24 hours! this is a good value psychic or psychic tarot reading. Just fill in the form and make your payment and you will receive your reading within 24-hours of your actual booking. This reading is available six days a week, with bookings made on Saturdays being completed on Monday. My 24-hour readings are being offered at a reduced price and this offers great value. Quick psychic readings, from a genuine psychic working psychic and tarot reader

No Hurry Reading

Two Question Psychic Reading £20 Click to book

This is my simple 2 question psychic reading. If you have 2 questions on your mind and you need to get some answers, or if there is something worrying you and you really need a little help with them then you can book this reading and I will look into things for you. It is suitable for 2 questions and you can expect a reading of approx. 500 words, 


No Hurry Reading

3 Question Psychic Reading £30 Click to book

Three Question Psychic Reading £30This is my 3-questions reading. Ask me any 3 questions that are on your mind for the future or you can ask me about things that have been worrying you. I can help with all subjects apart from health and pregnancy.Or if you are suffering complete confusion in your life and don’t know where to turn then I offer a specific confusion reading. Or If you have something playing on your mind, or some intuition or knowledge and you would like it clarified for you then I can usually do that within this reading.


No Hurry Reading

Five Question Psychic Reading £40 

This is my 5 question reading. You can ask me up to 5 questions on any topic apart from health and well-being, that includes pregnancy. I will be here for you offering to share my gift of clairvoyance as well as my skills with my tarot cards if you would like my tarot cards to be included. You can have this reading as a straightforward 5 question psychic reading if you have a lot on your mind. OR there is the option to have this as a complete and full relationship reading. This is an in-depth look at relationships, either past, present or future! OR if you can’t figure out just what went wrong then now may be a good time to ask me to look into that for you! 


No Hurry Reading

Full Relationship Reading £40 click to book 

This reading is a true in-depth look at your relationship/s. You can ask up to 5 questions and I will look in depth at those for you. I also look at soul mate links, past life karma if present, and suitability of your partner/s. This is a useful and in depth reading at a very reasonable price. You can choose whether to include Tarot Cards or whether to have pure clairvoyance. Do not be afraid to ask deep questions on this reading if the need arises, I am not easily shocked! Completed within 3-5 days. Carried out as quickly as possible, please choose the soonest slot available. No health or pregnancy questions.You can attach 2 photos if you wish to help with your reading. Secure payment by credit/debit card or Paypal


My Info Pages

My information...

I aim to provide more information pages within this website over the next couple of weeks, as soon as I have the time!