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Laura Relationship specialist

I am an experienced clairvoyant and Tarot reader with life experience as well as spiritual experience.  I have been in private practice for many years now and I believe that we never finish learning, I still study to further my own knowledge and I read tarot intuitively and use my clairvoyant skills in all of my readings.  I do use mediumship but not on the Internet.  I don't pull any punches and I do not believe in giving false hope I will help you to see a way forward through your troubles and I always look for a positive!

We all shape our own destiny but sometimes need a helping hand to get started.  Whether you want a postal reading or e-mail reading or telephone reading (when time permits)

Although I am a natural clairvoyant I have sought to expand upon my gift and have studied at great length including Reiki , to the level of master, astrology and the work of Louise Hay to gain a deeper understanding of relationships......not just the ones we have with other people but also the ones we have with ourselves.

I read clairvoyantly, read tarot, runes and also use handwriting analysis. I have training in dream interpretation, crystal healing, astrology and the healing art of Reiki, in which I have gained the master teacher degree. I take a limited number of Reiki students.

I offer honest, accurate readings, I am sympathetic to all needs and I will listen and try to find the best way forward for you. You can tell me everything! I am rarely shocked!And everything you tell me will be with the utmost confidentiality.

Please note; if you are looking for "Laura Vivian", may I suggest you search again as I believe she is USA Based and I have no connection whatsoever to this person.

My Psychic Work

My psychic work.....

I work using my psychic ability and if you prefer the tarot cards too, to bring you an accurate and sensitive psychic reading.I also tune in with your spirit guides and the angelic beings around you. I am also a psychic relationship specialist.

My readings start at just £14 and they are usually completed within 3-4 days.

Same day readings can be booked Click HERE

24 Hr Reading

24-hour speedy psychic readings! This psychic reading will be with you in 24 hours! this is a good value psychic or psychic tarot reading. Just fill in the form and make your payment and you will receive your reading within 24-hours of your actual booking. This reading is available six days a week, with bookings made on Saturdays being completed on Monday. My 24-hour readings are being offered at a reduced price and this offers great value. Quick psychic readings, from a genuine psychic working psychic and tarot reader

No Hurry Reading

Two Question Psychic Reading £20 Click to book

This is my simple 2 question psychic reading. If you have 2 questions on your mind and you need to get some answers, or if there is something worrying you and you really need a little help with them then you can book this reading and I will look into things for you. It is suitable for 2 questions and you can expect a reading of approx. 500 words, 


No Hurry Reading

3 Question Psychic Reading £30 Click to book

Three Question Psychic Reading £30This is my 3-questions reading. Ask me any 3 questions that are on your mind for the future or you can ask me about things that have been worrying you. I can help with all subjects apart from health and pregnancy.Or if you are suffering complete confusion in your life and don’t know where to turn then I offer a specific confusion reading. Or If you have something playing on your mind, or some intuition or knowledge and you would like it clarified for you then I can usually do that within this reading.


No Hurry Reading

Five Question Psychic Reading £40 

This is my 5 question reading. You can ask me up to 5 questions on any topic apart from health and well-being, that includes pregnancy. I will be here for you offering to share my gift of clairvoyance as well as my skills with my tarot cards if you would like my tarot cards to be included. You can have this reading as a straightforward 5 question psychic reading if you have a lot on your mind. OR there is the option to have this as a complete and full relationship reading. This is an in-depth look at relationships, either past, present or future! OR if you can’t figure out just what went wrong then now may be a good time to ask me to look into that for you! 


No Hurry Reading

Full Relationship Reading £40 click to book 

This reading is a true in-depth look at your relationship/s. You can ask up to 5 questions and I will look in depth at those for you. I also look at soul mate links, past life karma if present, and suitability of your partner/s. This is a useful and in depth reading at a very reasonable price. You can choose whether to include Tarot Cards or whether to have pure clairvoyance. Do not be afraid to ask deep questions on this reading if the need arises, I am not easily shocked! Completed within 3-5 days. Carried out as quickly as possible, please choose the soonest slot available. No health or pregnancy questions.You can attach 2 photos if you wish to help with your reading. Secure payment by credit/debit card or Paypal


My Info Pages

My information...

I aim to provide more information pages within this website over the next couple of weeks, as soon as I have the time!