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Laura Relationship specialist

Genuine Psychic Readings,clairvoyance or tarot same day readings.

Hello, and welcome to my psychic and tarot reading website. I am Laura, and I am a genuine and sensitive uk psychic and tarot reader. I am a genuine online psychic and tarot reader offering readings on all subjects apart from health and pregnancy. I offer urgent psychic readings 6 days a week, and on sundays psychic readings are by arrangement only, if there is a crisis situation.I also offer a range of other psychic readings, from a quick answer mini psychic reading through to a full relationship reading. If you are in need of an urgent psychic reading then take a look at my same day psychic readings page CLICK HERE.. OR see below. If you're looking for longer, more in depth psychic readings and psychic guidance please look at my reading page CLICK HERE. If you're unsure dont be afraid to message me, I am easy going and cheerful, not pushy in any way and I'm told I am approachable ! I am here to help, not judge. xx

Please click here to book a Mini Same Day 1 Question reading £16 with me now , sensitive caring psychic help. 
Please click here to book a Full Same Day Reading, up to 4 Questions reading 750 words, £35 , genuine psychic help.

Same Day Readings from just £16-available 6 days a week, genuine same day psychic readings 

Psychic readings available today!! 1, 2 or 4 Question Psychic Readings available Today!!

My 1 or 2 question same day psychic readings can be booked before 2pm Monday-Friday for delivery the same day. And up to 12 noon on Saturdays.You will know your reading will be with you the same day. Genuine, sensitive psychic advice and guidance available 6 days a week, genuine same day psychic advice and guidance Simple quick bookings, sensitive same day service

Same Day Readings 1 Question just £16

Genuine Psychic guidance, Pure clairvoyance or Tarot, approx 250-300 words, Pure clairvoyance, psychic tarot reading or Angelic guidance. SAME DAY Please ask 1 Question.

Same Day Readings 2 Questions just £25

Genuine Psychic guidance, Pure clairvoyance or Tarot, approx 550-600 words, Pure clairvoyance, psychic tarot reading or Angelic guidance. SAME DAY Please ask 2 Questions

Same Day Readings 4 Questions just £35

Genuine Psychic guidance, Pure clairvoyance or Tarot, approx 750-800 words, Pure clairvoyance, psychic tarot reading or Angelic guidance. SAME DAY Please ask 4 Questions

Same day readings need to be booked by 2pm mon-Fri or 12 noon on saturdays.

Other readings are available please scroll down to see these from just £20
If your are stuck and cant get moving along your path then as a genuine psychic and tarot reader as well as a solitary witch, I may just have an idea of something you could do to change your situation! I work from home to bring caring and sensitive readings to you all throughout the year. I have years of experience in the psychic and clairvoyant areas, and have been working online for over 16 years now. If you want to be in touch with a down to earth genuine psychic and tarot reader you are in the right place. Just send me a message CLICK HERE to say hello or enquire about a psychic reading.

Because I am an independent psychic I am always available to help you to see the way forward a little more clearly. If something is bothering you or playing on your mind then get in touch, one of my psychic or tarot readings may shed enough light on your problems to help guide you forward.Psychic guidance can help when other methods fail.

I treat all worries and concerns seriously, and you will find that I do actually care about your problems. My psychic readings are individual and to the point, in easy to understand language. I have lived my life with various problems and challenges and I will help you as much as I can, I am able to help you get to the root of the problem if others have been unable to help or have been disinterested in your issue. For information on my Psychic readings please see schedule page for further information. 

My real name is Laura, lots of people know me as Laura Rainbow! and it seems to have stuck! I am a natural clairvoyant and I offer psychic and tarot readings online and by email. Some of my psychic tarot readings are avilable to you as same day readings and this is possible 6 days a week. I am also an experienced healer. I am a genuine psychic, I live in the UK and I hope to help to light your path ahead with my psychic readings soon. To book a reading now click the buttons below for 1 question, 2 questions or 3 questions.

This is my simple 2 question psychic reading. If you have 2 questions on your mind and you need to get some answers, or if there is something worrying you and you really need a little help with them then you can book this reading and I will look into things for you. It is suitable for 2 questions and you can expect a reading of approx. 500 words

This is my 3-questions reading. Ask me any 3 questions that are on your mind for the future or you can ask me about things that have been worrying you. I can help with all subjects apart from health and pregnancy. If you have something playing on your mind, or some intuition or knowledge and you would like it clarified for you then I can usually do that within this 3-question psychic reading

This is my 5 question reading. You can ask me up to 5 questions on any topic apart from health and well-being, that includes pregnancy. I will be here for you offering to share my gift of clairvoyance as well as my skills with my tarot cards if you would like my tarot cards to be included. You can have this reading as a straightforward 5 question psychic reading if you have a lot on your mind. OR there is the option to have this as a complete and full relationship reading. This is an in-depth look at relationships, either past, present or future!

I am very experienced working in the psychic field and have been giving psychic tarot readings for many years. I work with the spirit guides that step forward and I also call in the angels whilst carrying out my psychic readings. MY SAME DAY* EMAIL PSYCHIC & TAROT READINGS ARE £16, £25 & £30 (for specific questions) Mon-Fri. before 2pm *Saturday 12 noon Not available sundays or bank holidays.

I have been a full time working psychic for many years, working online for over 15 years now. SAME DAY PSYCHIC & TAROT READINGS are avialable by EMAIL and I am also able to offer postal readings.For Psychic readings by paypal as well as by Credit or Debit card please read on.If you want my psychic help and advice, I will be happy to give it. I will help to unravel your mind if you are confused,upset, facing a difficult situation or a bit lost, I will help you through it with psychic guidance and advice. Please share your concerns with me and I will do my best to help you, be as truthful and open as you can be and I will be honest with you in return, I am a genuine psychic and I am here to help, not judge.

All of my psychic readings can be paid for securely by credit/debit card or by PayPal.

Available within a few days Psychic Readings Online £20 , £30 and £40

If asking about another person, or for healing,  please be sure to include their full name and date of birth.

Online psychic tarot readings by Email or by Post. Please remember  to let me know how I can help you, include any questions and names and dates of birth of any people that you are asking about. If you want my help and advice please share your concerns with me and I will do my best to help you. Please be as truthful and open as you can be and I will be honest with you in return. This is a genuine service for people who need my help.

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DISTANCE HEALING. Reiki, Colour and Spiritual Healing.

This is a FREE service. Please send full name and date of birth of the person requiring healing, with a short outline of the main ailment or problem (this is optional) to me by email or post, please enclose s.a.e. If writing. I will confirm receipt and I will then send healing for the period of one month. This can be extended by request, but please do not re-submit your request before the month has completed. Some people are going around submitting forms every few days for the same person and this causes hold ups and wasted time. If someone repeatedly does this I take it that they would like to be deleted rather than added and any further requests are then declined with good intent and kindness.

For the up to date position on my  schedule please see this page CLICK HERE As I like to ensure everybody gets my best attention.

Your reading is incredible. I will sit down tonight and properly feed back after processing it today, but it's very accurate A. UK                                                                                  

My Psychic Work

My psychic work.....

I work using my psychic ability and if you prefer the tarot cards too, to bring you an accurate and sensitive psychic reading.I also tune in with your spirit guides and the angelic beings around you. I am also a psychic relationship specialist.

My readings start at just £16 and they are usually completed within 3-4 days.

My Info Pages

My information...

I aim to provide more information pages within this website over the next couple of weeks, as soon as I have the time!